How easy is it to hold a conference call?

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Create your FREE account

2. Schedule bridge time, add TEEM

3. Just show up and teach or lead your conference call

Have you met your
TEEM today?

TEEM is the only fully automated enrollment manager, designed specifically for use with telephone conference call bridges.

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Hourly Rates:
$25 for 25 lines
$50 for 50 lines
$100 for 100 lines
$125 for 300 lines
$150 for 500 lines
create audio products

Have you checked out TEEM yet? Only $25 per event!

Create energy, community and support
More companies are delivering their training and having their meetings using telephone conference bridges.
A typical in-person meeting may cost as much as $2,500. While a telephone conference line that holds 25 people will only cost $25 in bridge rental. Gathering your team of 50 to 100 to 500 all at the same time creates energy and community while supporting your team.

Rent by the Hour
Our online HOURLY rentals are fully automatic. Instantly receive your conference call number with TWO PIN codes and full instructions by using our automated online conference call reservation system.

Lease a Bridge
Seminar and TeleClass leaders are learning the value of offering TeleClasses to their live audiences. Having their own 24/7 bridge makes it a whole lot easier.

Why bother with the hassle of manually managing enrollment?
Stop trying to keep track of last-minute participant additions or cancelations for your multiple teleconference events. 
It's so convienent to let us do it for you!

Our TEEM will collect your participent enrollment fees for you
No need to set up expensive merchant accounts and waste your time tracking credit card payments when TEEM does it for you! TEEM uses our secure payment process, and sends you the money we've collected, less 10%, via your account.

FREE BONUS Record-A-Call option makes it easy to create digital products
All our Bridges have built-in recording and FREE playback for people who miss your call or who want to listen again. Record your calls or TeleClasses and convert the recording to .mp3 or CD ~ only $30 (plus S&H when applicable.)

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