Features of the WebPresenter

Available ONLY on 25- to 100-participant Conference Bridges

What is WebPresenter?

WebPresenter is an online application that allows the Moderator to show a PowerPoint presentation during a conference call. It has a built-in "chat" feature that allows the Moderator to receive questions from the participants while the conference call is in "Lecture Mode".

Who will benefit from WebPresenter?

Anyone who gives PowerPoint presentations during an in-person seminar will appreciate the easy-to-use intuitive features of this application.

How much does it cost?

WebPresenter is free for the first three months of a new Bridge Lease and costs only $25/month after that. Our Administrator will contact you prior to your second quarterly payment to ask if you would like to continue to use WebPresenter. If you choose to do so, this amount will be added to future quarterly payments. There are no refunds on unused portions of the quarterly payments.

What features are included in WebPresenter?

1. Login as Moderator or Participant using same PINS as your leased Conference Bridge.
2. Upload unlimited PowerPoint presentations prior to Conference Call.
3. Animated PowerPoint presentations display properly.
4. No ads or pop-ups to distract from your presentation.
5. Participants are only one click away from login to WebPresenter.
6. System requirements are simple: high-speed internet connection and access to a browser.
7. WebPresenter application runs separate from Conference Bridge but is keyed to your Conference PIN codes.
8. Multiple Moderators allowed.
9. Moderator controls:

a. Hide or show list of participants
b. Rate & direction of PowerPoint presentation for all participants
c. Activation of Private Chat rooms
d. Hide or show messages from participants and Moderator replies
e. Can pass presentation over to a participant


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