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What does the Professional TeleLeader Training Course Cover?

Everything you need to know to start your TeleClass Business. We've spent sixteen years perfecting this course... building upon the Seven Fundamentals, testing each technique and experimenting with marketing ideas. You get it all. All the secrets. All the tips. And you get it from the BEST in the business!

What is the format of the Professional TeleLeader Training? Convienient .mp3 audio files which are easy to listen to through your computer or download into your iPod or .mp3 player.

Class 1: NLP Communication and Learning Styles: You'll learn what your own Learning Style is and how ineffective it is to teach only from your own Style. Once you know how to include the other three Learning Styles, you'll find your audience STAYS with you until the end of the hour...and they will come back for more.
Class 2: Fundamentals 1, 2 & 3:
Fundamental 1: The secret of connecting with ALL your students
Fundamental 2:
Techniques for Building Rapport

Fundamental 3:  Techniques that Encourage Verbal Participation & NLP Language Strategies
Class 3: Fundamentals 4, 5, 6 & 7:
Fundamental 4: How to Manage the "Experts" Who Take Your TeleClass
Fundamental 5:
Developing Your Own Style
Fundamental 6:
Build Student Loyalty
Fundamental 7:
Introductory/ Feeder Class

Ok, if we gave you more info about these Fundamentals, you wouldn't need to take the Professional TeleLeader Training Course. Just know that these Fundamentals never change and they are true for everyone.

Class 4: Written Participation Exercises & The Clock Model
Class 5: Understanding The Telephone Bridge System

I thought this Professional TeleLeader Training was the BEST audio program I have ever purchased. Michael Losier's presentation is very thorough, he models what he is teaching and is delightful to listen to so the time goes by quickly. As a complete novice to teaching over the phone, I was amazed at how much I learned from these sessions and by the end, I felt very well prepared to follow the well defined steps to create and deliver effective teleclasses!! ~Pat Altvater

With this training you can reach an international audience with the valuable information YOU have to offer. If you charge $300 for a six-hour TeleClass series, and have only ten students, you will make $3,000. That's amazing!

What does the Professional TeleLeader Training cost?

The entire course is only $99

US & International Residents: $99.00 US

Canadian Residents--pay $99.00 in Canadian dollars and save 25%. NO exchange rate and no GST!

What happens next?
1. Upon completion of your credit card purchase, you will immediately be taken to the
"Thank you" page.

2. That page will give you instructions for the .mp3 Downloads and Classnotes.

3. Once you have listened to the Professional TeleLeader Training Course, you'll want to begin using your Dedicated Conference Call Bridge. Order here!

 Best wishes!

President, Telephone Bridge Services

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