TEEM TURN-KEY the complete TeleClass Event Enrollment Manager

Reach (for your phone)
and teach!

Compliment your in-person workshops with revenue generating TeleClasses.

Affordable -- Easy to use--Comes in two sizes!

$499 yearly license fee
(includes hosting & customer service)
$99/monthly one 25-person bridge fee
10% participant enrollment fees
(includes credit card processing,detailed report
& payouts via
Optional Web Presenter @ $25/month

$1,999 yearly license fee
(includes hosting & customer service)
$149/monthly two 25-person bridge fees
10% participant enrollment fees
(includes credit card processing,detailed report
& payouts via
View: Law of Attraction Training Center

Private telephone conference call Bridge (25-lines)
with built in Record-A-Call capability
Personalized online catalog
Seamless automated enrollment system
Automated email course confirmation and reminders
Full administrative interface

Toll Free: 866.472.1949

for a FREE consultation

We process all your participant enrollment fees
and send you 90% of fees collected with
a detailed report with your payout,
within 10 to 14 days of the last day
of your event.

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Teleconference Business?
Want to become more effective?

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iPod friendly

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Toll Free: 866.472.1949

for a FREE consultation

Want to generate massive sales over the phone, AFTER the live seminars?  If you're not offering TeleClasses you are missing out on a huge opportunity to stay in touch and keep your products and services in front
of your audience.

Save time, energy, resources and the hassle of managing TeleClass Event enrollments. Let the TEEM do all the administrative behind-the-scene work so YOU don't have to.

With the TEEM, your biggest job is to pick up the phone.

For the first time anyone can easily afford their very own TEEM TURNKEY business!

"I have made thousands of dollars AFTER the live event, through this TEEM model. As a busy speaker and presenter to live audiences, I find TeleClasses to be the most effective and economical way to stay in touch with my audience. "

Michael Losier
Author of Law of Attraction
Speaker, coach and
business owner

Ready to learn more?

What is a TEEM Event? TEEM Events are interactive, high-content classes held over the telephone, on conference call lines called "bridges". Just imagine what it would be like to meet your audience from the comfort of your home or office by just dialing the telephone.
Steps to Success in your TEEM TURNKEY Business
Components of our TEEM TURNKEY System
Screen shots
FAQ about our TEEM TURNKEY System
Cost and Savings Comparison Chart--How much money can you save using TEEM TURNKEY?

How does a TEEM Event work?

1. Each TeleLeader adds their TEEM Event to the catalog by selecting a Bridge size, entering the time and date, giving it a Title and Description, and Pre-class Instructions.

2. Confirm the information and voila! your TEEM Event is complete.

3. We've made it easy for participants to find your TEEM Event. Just send them a link to view your whole catalog or just one of your Events. Target your marketing to specialized groups with a keyword link to a specific TEEM Event.

4. Participants create their profile, and receive immediate email confirmation of TEEM Event they've just registered for.

5. TeleLeaders print the participant roster we've prepared for each TEEM Event and send after-class notes with a simple mouse click!

Create Products:

We make it easy to turn your TeleClass Events
into Products that you can sell.

Check out all the recording conversion options
and choose the format you are most
comfortable with/
Recording Conversions

Testimonials from satisfied users of TEEM

"As a TeleLeader it's crucial that posting, editing and viewing TEEM Event is intuitive, easy and accurate. TEEM's catalogue and participant enrollment program is nothing short of that. participants find it very easy to use. I highly recommend it."
Eva L., Chicago, IL, US
Writing Coach/ Editor

"I just started using TEEM--it's so easy to duplicate my TEEM Events. And that is a big relief for me. Thank you very much!"
Michael M., Ithaca, NY, US
Intuitive Kinesiologist

“Thank you! You have built an incredibly supportive, useful, and practical TEEM ... it continues to amaze me with its simplicity and its depth!”
Amorah R., Woodinville, WA, US
Life Coach

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