Telephone Bridge Recording Instructions

1. To record your conference call, press * 2. The TeleLeader who presses * 2 is only person who will hear the prompts.

2. At the prompt, enter any 2-8 digit number at your discretion and write this number down for later reference. If this user-generated number is already being used as a conference file number, you will be asked for another number.

This number is your conference file number for this recording.

3. You may stop the recording at any time during your conference by pressing * 2 again or it will automatically stop at the end of your call.

4. If you stop recording during your conference, you will not be able to continue recording on the same conference file number. Simply enter a new conference file number to begin recording again.

NOTE: The conference file number is used to playback your conferences. This is why you need to jot down the number you have entered. Since we have no way of identifying your specific recording, it is very important that you write down and retain the file number. You will need it to access the playback feature or to request a recording conversion to CD or .wav file.


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