Recording Playback Instructions

For 25 to 100-person Bridges:

Recording Playback is available 24/7. To playback a recorded conference call:

1. Dial into the Bridge number you were given for the call you recorded.

2. Enter one of these playback PIN codes:


3. If you hear the recording: ”Welcome, you are currently the only participant in this conference,” you may proceed to press *3. (If someone is already listening to a playback, or if the PIN code seems not to work, then hang up, dial again and try another PIN code. These PIN codes are dedicated to 'playbacks' only.)


4. Wait until you hear the prompt (which may take 30 seconds) enter the FILE NUMBER for the recording you wish to hear. You will be asked to enter the number of minutes you wish to skip from the beginning of the recording. Enter 0 for none, etc. This prompt is important because many conference calls have several minutes of preliminary conversation prior to the agenda points.


5. If another user enters your conference center wishing to listen to the same recording, they will begin listening to the recording at the same part as the first user. If they wish to listen from the beginning, they will need to start another playback session.


6. There is no limit to how many conference calls you may record. Each conference call may be recorded up to 2 hours in length.



IMPORTANT: Your recording will automatically be deleted from the conference bridge after 14 days. Once it is deleted it cannot be retrieved, so request your conversion to CD or .wav file early.

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