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Conference Call Bridge Instructions
(217) area code USA

Listen to Rebecca give the instructions and tips to improve
the quality of your Conference Call.


1. At the conference time, all participants dial the Conference Dial-In number.

2. At the prompt, enter the PIN Code followed by the # key. Multiple Leaders are allowed. If the participants are first to arrive, they will hear music until the moderator enters.

3. The Bridge closes when the last person hangs up their phone.

Moderator Controls
*2, then 1 - Record conference
*3 - Entry and exit beeps on and off
*6 - Mute your line
*7 - Un-mute your line
*# - Announce number of participants
## - "Hard-mute" all
98 - Un-mute all
99 - "Soft-Mute" all (guests may un-mute using *7)

Participant Controls
*3 - Increase volume
*6 - Mute your line
*7 - Un-mute your line


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