Hourly Reservations

With telephone conference bridges you can host your cross-country meeting, associations' annual meeting, TeleClass or family conference by dialing into one telephone number for a single low flat fee. (Each caller pays their own long distance charges. There are no other charges to you or to your participants).

Instantly rent your telephone conference bridge number online. It's fast and easy!

Rates: (At full capacity, rental of any size telephone conference bridge is only .02 cents per person per minute)
25 lines for $25/hour
50 lines for $50/hour
100 lines for $100/hour
300 lines for $125/hour
500 lines for $150/hour

Step 1: Create your FREE login account with Telephone Bridge Services.

Step 2: Request the time, date and bridge size for your telephone conference.

Step 3: Pay for your telephone conference bridge time by credit card on our secure server.

Step 4: Instantly, you will receive your telephone conference bridge number, PIN codes and instructions through email.

Step 5: Print and Save your email confirmation letter. It contains the telephone conference bridge number and links to telephone conference bridge, Recording and Playback Instructions.

Step 6: Invite your telephone conference guests by supplying them with the telephone conference bridge number and Participant PIN code.

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